Sunday, January 24, 2016

My new Sequencer Program

It's been quite a while since I've posted on my blog here, but I've started a new project.
I do a lot of music editing in my spare time as a hobby, and whether it's been remixing, or porting formats, I figured it's time I made a program to do it all.

Right now I haven't decided on a final name, so I'm just calling it MidiModder, but it can load Midi files, display the notes, volume, tempo, panning, etc. This is also the first time I added a feature to zoom in and out of the view window. You can also see Envelope and Vibrato tabs, as I plan to add support for a "certain format".

I haven't decided if I'm going to release this when finished,  but I am trying to code it (in ENIGMA) so that it would be more stable for a general audience just in case.

My planned features are:
-Loading of multiple formats
-Saving of multiple formats (this would allow for format conversion)
-Some form of playback
-Note randomization
-Full editing features
-Other features fit for making sequenced game music

Some other ideas I have are:
-Exporting song to .Wav
-Auto pattern finder to compress song to save space (keeping quality intact)
-Loading wav files as instruments

A lot of these features may seem situational, but I only plan on it being a helper to my hobbies in music editing as of now.

Friday, July 25, 2014


This is a small program I'm working on. It's main function is to modify parts of MIDI files, with the ability to batch process (So you can apply the changes to 100's of files at once).
It is going to use simple logic, and right now will be able to execute 20 tasks at once (this number might change if I see fit).

The main purpose of this, is that a lot of music ripped from games, like GBA, and NDS have the wrong instruments set upon rip. This will make the process easy and quicker, to correct some things.

I will also be using it to convert MIDI to a custom format for Project Collidascope, although this feature will not be made public.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Project CollidaScope 6/30/14

It's been a while since I posted on here, but it has also been a while since I've done something much with Project CollidaScope. Since this is my first post about it, I'll go into a little detail. Project CollidaScope is a game I have been working on making for the PC. It aims to be reminiscent of the platformers and adventure games on the N64. It draws inspiration from games like Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and even a few lesser known ones like Glover, Rocket, and Tonic Trouble.

I'm currently trying to build the content from the ground up, so that means I'm using my own model/animation/music/etc. formats. I'm doing this to have better control over manipulating them, saving filesize, etc.

As seen above, we have the main (beta) character I designed "Myles" standing in "Bobomb Battlefield" from "Super Mario 64". This is for testing purposes, and will not be in the final design (all content then will be original). The level has been converted to my model format, and there are a few abnormalities, as can be seen, but those will be worked out. For now, an old outdated demo can be seen here:

I'm currently in the process of doing a huge cleanup with the game, and the physics and camera will definitely be changing. One main goal is to keep the game running at least at 60 frames per second at all time.

When the time comes, I would love to port this to multiple platforms.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pokemon Collection

I was successfully able to RNG for my Trainer and Secret ID in Soul Silver yesterday. The delay was something over 21000, so it took about 6-7 minutes every attempt.
I figured I would post a picture of my collection of Pokemon games here:
I started collecting them a few years ago, so there have been a few that I have owned previous, but had to buy again. I'm basically trying to get the main series games on release date, and the side games are kind of half and half for me. Even though it's not pictured, I have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, and Explorers of Darkness. I also have Trozei, and Battle Trozei.
I play the game in a competitive way normally, but I've been on a hiatus I suppose. I'll probably get back into that sometime soon.
As you have probably figured out from my avatar, My favorite Pokemon is Stantler. I drew the avatar in paint, and it's supposed to look crude like that. My favorite generation of Pokemon is 4th generation. It's not really because of the actual Pokemon, but rather the content of the games. Diamond, Pearl, Platinum have the PokeRadar (which I've used almost religiously before), Underground/Secret Bases, Pokemon Contests, and not to mention, the region Sinnoh and the music from the game are just beautiful! On the other side, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver are just brimming to the edge with nostalgic value. The memories of getting Soul Silver in spring gives me the urge to play through it when spring starts. I've never participated in the Pokeathelon yet, but it's something I still want to get around to. And even though I'm not to big on legendary Pokemon, My favorite legendary is Suicune.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Post

This is my first post, and first Blog. I will be mostly posting stuff about my hobbies (videogames, etc). I will also be using this to provide updates for videogames I make, so maybe there will be a demo link here and there. Currently, I'm about to RNG my Pokemon Soul Silver game, so the Trainer ID and the Secret ID match the ones in my Pokemon X game. This will  allow for something nice I hope...